24 October 2010


"Smells like hell but tastes like heaven."

The Durian is hard, rough and prickly on the outside but soft, gentle and pliable on the inside - not unlike many of its Malaysian fans. In order to get to the "fruit", we need to work hard on the "shell". The Malaysian dream is a wonderful "fruit" to be desired but the Malaysian mentality is a hard "shell" to crack. To attempt to open up mindsets may most times be a painful experience - a thorn in the flesh - and it is easier for many of us to throw in the towel.

But we must be patient and not lose heart. The fruit is well worth the effort. As they say, "If there is a will, there is a way" - and there IS a way - a right way - to open up a Durian!

hahaha korang mesti pelik an amenda lah aku post nih kan...erm pagi ni aku belek2 fesbuk ..then terjumpa website ni..aku masuk then tgk..bgus jugak..meh jengok sni....(klik-klik)

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