29 January 2009

AbouT me Baby!

Name : Nurul Farehah (yull)
Where Do You Live : I live in Nilai,Negeri Sembilan
I love To Shoot : Portraits of beautiful women,
Outdoor and unexpected thing.
My day Job : I am a Photographer Full-time
and I've realized half of my dream!
My Current Camera : Nikon D40x
(lens 18mm-55mm) ONLY! i need more then that!!
I've found unexpected Inspiration : attend a outdoor
shooting with my friends and family..
My Dream Photo Location : Underwater and outstation
like Italy,Russia,Rom and New York!
My deepest fear : Loneliness and when my cat dead!
(i miss NEO so much)
I listen to : pink,the ting thing,kate perry and others..
The last Thing i Shoot : The portrait of my family
I can't wait to : Continue to dream like I did as a child
Thanks from heart for featuring me!

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